Main attractions of Barot valley

There are many tourist attractions in Barot valley natural as well as man made . Let us first discuss about man made attractions . ( Places to visit )

1. Shanan power project in Barot : Shana power project is oldest hydro project of India .It was made by engineer Col . Batty.  Construction work was started on 1926 and project completed in 1932 . A diversion was made on beautiful Uhl river and water stored in big reservoirs from where water to power house sent through underground tunnel and after then by big iron pipes .
                                                                 Reservoirs made in very beautiful manner and also a park is made near big reservoir . Here you can see old machinery which was originally installed in 1932 .

Shanan power project reservoir at Barot valley 

2. Haulage trolley :  The haulage trolley system also built for Shanan power project . In 1926 Barot was not connected to Jogindernagar by road , so this haulage trolley system was built through mountains so that to carry construction material needed to built Shanan power project at Barot .
                                                               The haulage trolley built here is unique in world as is passes through mountains and thick cedar forests . A 3 K.M. horizontal track also made at top of mountain to connect both topmost stations of Haulage trolley viz. "Winch camp" and "Head Gear" . 
                                                     It is a unique type of trolley based on pulley system . One trolley goes up then other trolley goes down simultaneously . control room is at top of hill and use a huge motor to operate trolley .
                            This trolley takes you from Jogindernagar to Barot from height of 4130 ft. to 8300 ft to "Head gear" , topmost station of haulage trolley , from there trolley goes down to Barot .
                        It has four stations and only one station is operate-able currently . Haulage trolley system is in bad shape and rusting . this trolley can be used for tourism purpose but govt. is doing nothing for such a big attraction . If any news channel seeing it or any people can do anything for it , please save it from diminishing or we will lose such thing which has capability for becoming a national heritage site .

Photo showing Haulage trolley lines to Barot valley at top of mountain , see steepness

You can see here old machines that are imported from Scotland in 1926 and some of machines word till now . It will be unforgettable experience for you . 

3. Trout fish farm :  Barot valley is famous for it's trout fishes . Quality trout are found both in Uhl river as well as in trout fish farm . Trouts are rich in protein and very tasty . Fishes from here send to all over India and other countries . Trout fish farm here is made in very beautiful manner . You will enjoy the visit to fish farm .

Trout fish farm at Barot valley

4. Old style villages and culture : Barot valley offers you to see pure "pahari "(mountan) culture and houses . People here are very humble and friendly . Still many houses are made as old style stone houses .
Barot village at Barot valley                                                              

                These were some of the man made attractions at Barot . But Barot valley also have many more as old style mountain houses made of stones and wood and old temples 

Natural attractions : Whole Barot valley is full of Natural beauty . You can enjoy nature to fullest here . 
                                High mountains with thick cedar and various Himalayan plants welcomes you here . You will find this place quite , away from crowded life of cities and full of beauty . 
                                                                              Barot valley is a V shaped valley made by Uhl river , which is tributary of Beas river . This river is very beautiful and remains clear blue water most of the year . River is full of trout fishes and you can enjoy angling , river crossing , swimming etc . in this river
                                                                       This valley is full of beautiful wild flowers at spring season to summer season ( March to July ).Some flowers remains throughout year . When you trek Barot valley , you will amaze to see it's beauty . 
Some places you must visit to see natural beauty are 

1. Barot : Main area of barot valley where beautiful Uhl river flows and  situated Shanan power project reservoirs, hotels etc. 

Barot valley In Winter

2. Uhl river : Barot valley is made due to river Uhl and its tributary river . Uhl river is perennial river as it is fed with glaciers . Even in summers the water of river is very cold as it is snow melted . Uhl river is full with trout fishes and trout angling is a great tourist attraction. You can also enjoy moving along banks of Uhl river and also swimming , river crossing etc . 

River Uhl at near Barot village at Barot valley

3. Panihartoo : Panihartoo is the place from where the Uhl river emerges . This place is very beautiful . Here you can see many falls , water streams , green valley having some glaciers and much more . This place is about 25 K.M. away from Barot and 12 can go by vehicle , rest you have to trek .

Waterfall at Panihartoo , emergence of river Uhl , barot valley

4. Denasar Lake : About 20 K.M. away from Barot station . You have to trek to mountain to reach lake . Lake is very beautiful and big at top of mountain . it is glacier  fed and a trek to Kullu goes from here.

5. Rajgundha : Very beautiful location full of natural beauty . From here goes trek to Biling , the pre world cup paragliding site . Camping experience is awesome here . 

Beautiful Rajgundha , Barot valley , Himachal Pradesh

List does not stops here . Whole Barot valley is full of beauty . You can visit Mayot , Bara Gram , Chhota bhangal and whole bank of Uhl river and you will never get bored .