Our campsite and activities information

Camping in natural environment is the real way to enjoy nature . You may rest in Hotels , but if you are real nature lover and want to fully enjoy nature then camping must be your choice . We have our campsite located in Barot at very beautiful location at Thandi Golai only 1.5 KM away from Barot market on Barot - Mayot road .

Campsite : Our campsite is beside very beautiful Uhl river  . It is easily accessible by road and there is lot of parking space at campsite . On one side there is Uhl river flowing and on other side there are crop fields and then thick cedar forest . You can see locals working at fields early morning here . There are lot of cedar and other Himalayan trees at campsite and lot of greenery .  

Our campsite

Aerial view of campsite

Playground :  A big green playground makes it perfect for outdoor camping games and other camping activities . There are volleyball and badminton ground at our campsite . Our camp site is perfect for family camping and all age groups.

Camping site at Barot

Tents at campsite :We have Quechua and Coleman tents that are best for camping purpose. 

We have two types of tents :  1. alpine tents  ( 4 person )
                                           2. dome tents (3 person )

Alpine tents ( Max 4 persons )

Dome tent ( Max 3 persons )

Inside tent : Mattresses , bed sheet , pillows and quilts .

Bathroom and toilets : At campsite there are common  5 western style toilets and 5 bathrooms  

Camping games : We provide many outdoor and indoor camping games such as cricket , volleyball , badminton , chess , carom board etc. . So you will never get bored and make full enjoyment .

Camping games in progress at Thandi Golai , near Barot village at Barot valley

Adventure sports : Barot valley is like a paradise for adventure lovers. In high mountains and rivers of Barot valley you can enjoy river crossing , rappelling , rock climbing , swimming etc.

River crossing in progress

Also contact for Paragliding at Bir - Billing paragliding site , where every year pre-world paragliding cup is organised . It is only 5 hours trek from Barot  and 3 hours from vehicle .


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