Denasar lake trek from Barot to Kullu valley

Barot valey

Denser Lake is one of the highest lakes in Dhauladhar range. It is located at an elevation of 4250 Mts. on the foot hill of Ghora Lotnu Peak. This lake like other lakes of Outer Himalaya is held very sacred for the local people.
                   Dena Sar or Dyna Sar is a crystal bowl located at the border of Kullu and Kangra. The glacial slopes of Ghora Lotnu peak feed this crystal bowl and it remains frozen until late July.

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  This lake is beloved to belongs to Lord Shiva .Every year on ‘Bhadon Bees’ (20th of the month of Bhadon according to Hindu Calendar) pilgrims from Barot , Kullu, Chotta Bhangal and nerby areas make trekking journey to take a dip in this lake. People believe that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parv
ati ji comes here to do the holy bath . Also it is believed that only person with true faith can see them . Also monsoon starts  receding by 20th of bhadon and the medicinal effects of herbs is maximum in the glacial waters. A holy dip helps cure skin diseases.
                      We also did trek to this holy lake and also had holy bath there  . We trek from Barot and via Denasar lake , we finally reached Kullu . So here is some details of our journey of

Day 1 : We started about at 7 AM from Barot and have a cab up to Polang village which lies in Chotta bhangal valley
Barot valley
Polang Village

Polang village is about 9 KM away from Barot and is the last village accessible by road . After this you have to move on foot . So our trek really started from Polang village which is a very beautiful village in chotta Bhangal valley . houses of this village as you can see are built in old fashioned Himalayan style .
                                  After Polang village we move along a water stream in dense forest . Water from Denasar lake also feds this water stream . The trek is not very steep here and the scenic view is very beautiful .

About after trekking for 2 hours a very steep trek starts and also you gets disconnected from water stream . You are advised to fill up you water bottles at last point of water stream as after this you shall not find water for a very long time say for about 3 - 4 hours on the trekking way .
The steep trek 

As you can see in pic the trek here is very steep and you have to climb this mountain . For the next 2 -3 hours you just climb , climb and climb . Really very challenging even to experienced trekkers , climb with patience and have rest but not too long . After you cross first steep trek through dense forest you reach at this place .

After this dense forest ends and you shall find yourself in very high mountains . Dense forest ends but not the steep trek , not too steep but yet very challenging . Since you are now at the heights where bog trees refuse to grow due to less availability of carbon dioxide you shall find yourself trekking in mountains wit little plans , shrubs and most importantly a lot of beautiful Himalayan flowers . 
Many of these plants are used in medicines and are very difficult to find .
Some flowers you shall find while trekking

At this height weather can change all of a sudden ad happened in our case . The sky was clear and all of a sudden clouds came from nowhere and there was fog everywhere and we could not see after few meters . Also it started raining , luckily only for some time
Barot valley
Trek to Denasar lake 
After some time you shall notice that even flowers and shrubs disappear and only grass and stones on mountains . This means that now you are at that height where oxygen is low and you notice you get tired very soon . This point of trek where low oxygen starts to show its effect is very difficult . You have rest a lot for climbing little heights . Climb slowly and have patience .

Low oxygen trek
It was getting dark but luckily we reached at the point after which denasar lake was just one climb away about 20 minute trek . We decided to pitch our tent here as we were very tired to climb upto Denasar lake that time . Tents of other people were also there who came for holy bath .
barot valley
Camping at Denasar lake

So we rested for  some time , then have dinner and then we slept , what a relief after the trek . The weather was extreme cold , but the sky was clear . You should have your woolen cloth here .

Day 2 : So we stared to trek again at morning and after a short trek we finally reached The Denasar Lake  .
Barot valley
The Denasar lake
Many people had reached lake already and many people were taking holy bath when we reached there . There are small temples of deities where people worship and takes blessings . We also had our holy bath and had prayers in temples
Barot valley
A temple at Denasar lake 
After staying for some time at Denasar lake and seeing the beauty of nature we started our journey from Denasar lake to Kullu .

Trekking from Denasar lake to Kullu  : The trekking journey were almost similar as that previous day but you have to trek down , means no steep climbing and also fresh new landscapes , but this is also not easy to trek down from great heights as you have to walk with caution and you legs starts to pain more than climbing .
 While trekking down to Kullu , you shall see many waterfalls and glaciers on the way   . Also you shall see another lake on the way , small but very beautiful

On the way we found many shepherd and also people seeking for medicinal plants . The trek is very beautiful and natural beauty is a t its best in this trek . Beautiful mountains with green greass and trees makes your day .

While trekking you shall see many waterfalls which are very beautiful but are not reachable . For walking all day long we finally reached last village of Lug valley which is connected to road with Kullu town  .

The Lug valley
Last village of Lug valley connected to road 

  After this we took bus upto Kullu town . So the final destination of our trekking journey from Barot to Kullu
So this was the trekking jorney from Barot to Kullu via Denasar lake . Trekking lovers must do this trek once in their life . Hope you enjoyed the blog . Thanks

We also have a video of the journey .. Enjoy it ..


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